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Episode 10: The End of the World

Episode 10: The End of the World

As we know it.

As we know it.

Welcome to the Decasode! Pulling out all the stops for the Paleopalophiles this week’s show notes include… time stamps!

@ 00:00:27 – The intro! Has Patrick realized his fitness? Do the guys have a theme? Do they have drinks? All these questions will be answered.

@ 00:09:23 – Topic #1: The audio equivalent of Hemmingway’s Snows of Kilimanjaro as the guys discuss melting tropical glaciers, and the gumption they had daring to exist in the first place.

@ 00:25:42 – This week on Trailer Trash Talk the guys take 2012 to task. Patrick again name drops the competition so here’s a link their site, cause we’re just that nice. The Paleopals even manage to include some Science… sort of (Hey! That’s the name of the show!)

@ 00:38:36 – Topic #2: The universe shows the LHC a thing or two about how to accelerate a subatomic particle. Justin explains the science, Ryan drops some metaphors with SPORTZ. A science book is mentioned, and a non-science book is lamented.

@ 00:51:22 – Ryan feels like he gets hit with a fist full of quarters since he’s the Odd Man Out as Patrick and Justin discuss the King of Kong!

Music for this week’s show provided by:

So Hard to Find My Way – Jackie Greene

When the World Ends (Live) – Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

We Like Sportz – The Lonely Island

Super Mario – Byu Vocal Point

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Ep 11:  Releasing your Inner Avatar

Ep 11: Releasing your Inner Avatar

Justin has been unfaithful.

Justin has been unfaithful.