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Episode 42 - Free Falling with a Jetpack

Episode 42 - Free Falling with a Jetpack

Up, up and away!

Up, up and away!

00:00:00 – Ben has made it to the proper (read: west) coast but is still too far north for Ryan and Patrick who are side by side and sharing a brew.

00:05:03 – Patrick may be looking to get away because he wants to talk about jetpack science. You know this one will lead to digressions.

00:19:44 – The Paleopals are feeling a bit loopy Trailer Trash Talking Knight & Day with Tom Cruise. We’re not sure if he’s crazy off-screen, on-screen, both or neither. Scientology should sue Ben, we’re pretty sure he said the meanest stuff.

00:37:22 – Ben has a real physics story he wants to talk about. He promises not to get distracted. He might succeed but we don’t remember cause we got distracted.

00:48:14 – The PaleoPOW leads to a confused Ben, which is amusing in its own right (blame Formspring). Also Ryan and Patrick each read some sort of listener interaction too. What were the odds?!

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