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Episode 178 - Wetter is Better

Episode 178 - Wetter is Better

Pictured: A 60 year old lobster.

Pictured: A 60 year old lobster.

00:00:00 - When Ryan claims that lobsters are immortal, only one man can be relied upon to deliver the hard truths:

Zen Faulkes

! Zen breaks into the show to tell us all about this immortality meme and

his efforts to combat it

. Be sure to check out his blog


and his e-book 

Presentation Tips


00:30:08 - Lobsters live in the drink, so we decide to have some. Moving his way through a gift given by Ryan, Patrick cracks open a Cropduster Mid-American IPA. Kelly enjoys a Cabernet Sauvingon from Bogle Vineyards, complete with Patrick's approval. And Ryan heartily enjoys his

Petrus Aged Pale


00:35:45 - Trailer Trash Talk has to tackle some troubling issues about animals in captivity after seeing the troubling footage in the trailer for the documentary



00:51:07 - Patrick presents a

new study


how freshwater systems may have survived the K/T extinction

better than the marine world. Take that dinosaurs!

01:10:27 - PaleoPOWs survive better in freshwater too, not that anyone bothered to ask. Patrick thanks Kevin D. for his generous


. Thanks, Kevin! Ryan read an e-mail from Aaron D. suggesting we conduct an online pub quiz potentially titled 

Science... war off. 

All we need now is a 36-hour day. And Kelly rounds out the segment with a 5-star


review left by the_HAL9000. I wonder if he knows Ben?

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Music for this week's show provided by:

Furry Old Lobster

- Jonathan Coulton

Stairway To Heaven

- Led Zeppelin

Black & Blue

- Miike Snow

How You Survived the War

- The Weepies

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