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Episode 18: Comfortable Mammals

It’s a bit late and it’s a bit long but it’s all Science… sort of! 00:00:00 Imbibing is part of the show. Charlie has a thing for numbers, Patrick needs a pick-me-up and Ryan over explains things.

00:07:00 Charlie wonders why sea lions follow him up and down the coast. The other Paleopals learn some shocking secrets about his past as a lawbreaker. And a wild theory turns out to have some merit.

00:25:54 Would Cujo have been as scary if you were suspended above the mean dog? The guys try to suss out survival by trailer trash-talking the movie Frozen!

00:40:40 Patrick talks to Dr. Blaine Schubert, he's literally titularly excellent!

01:05:55 Cows have feelings too (for now), but humans eat cows: that’s a fact according to Charlie. Patrick may throw him a curve ball. And Ryan tries not to confuse the issue, but it’ll probably happen anyway.

01:21:15 Listeners also feed… back! But we think listeners are sacred and therefore should never be eaten.

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Music this week provided by: I've got your number – Passion Pit The Runaway - Something Corporate In The Cold, Cold Night - White Stripes Tennessee - The Wreckers Pain - Jimmy Eat World

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