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Episode 20: Skepticism... sort of

Episode 20: Skepticism... sort of

Neal Adams drawing a space battle. Trust me, it'll make sense once you listen.
Neal Adams drawing a space battle. Trust me, it'll make sense once you listen.

00:00:00 - Just in case you don't remember who the Paleopals are they introduce themselves and introduce their drinks too! Patrick claims to have found a hard to find beer, Ryan has over-thought things again, Ben (who now has a bio!) represents the non-alcoholics and Charlie's drink is a surprise!

00:05:28 - Dr. Steve Novella of the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe stops by for a chat. A long chat. But it's all golden as Steve walks the Paleopals down the short road between SCIENCE and skepticism.

00:54:13 - Terribly Happy is a movie not many will likely be able to see or even want to see but it ties in to a later segment of the show and it's all done in foreign talk. Has anyone even been to Dane-land? What's so Great about Danes anyway? Why would you name both a dog and a pastry after them?

01:03:00 - To be prepared for the future you'll need to know how to battle in space and Joseph Shoer is there to tell you how, the Paleopals break down the basics and help you decide what to watch to best give you the specifics. Physics ensues.

01:25:48 - The Odd-Man Out segment makes it's glorious return wherein Ben hasn't done his homework, nor was he supposed to. Charlie and Ryan talk lovingly about the trade paperback of Fell, and Ben does his part playing catch-up. Charlie uses the PaleoWOW: occidental, it may not be scientific, but it's a good one to know.

01:39:41 - The Paleoposse represents in this installment of the PaleoPOW! Reviews are read, questions are answered, goodbyes are said.

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Music this week provided by:

Mr. Jones (live) - Counting Crows

Science is Real - They Might Be Giants

Battlestar Scralatchtica - Incubus

The Fallen Interlude - blink-182

Whiskey and Lemonade - Sourgrass <- This is a local band we're friends with, you can't buy the mp3 of this particular song online but you can get their new album, Mint Condition, from Amazon and you should! It's energetic neo-funk and you'll want to say you were into them from back in the day. Do yourself this favor.

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