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Episode 47 - The Colors of the Wind

Episode 47 - The Colors of the Wind

Too obvious? Probably, but I'm tired.

Too obvious? Probably, but I'm tired.

This week on the podcast...

00:00:00 – The Paleopals are introduced as Ryan does his last show in California (for awhile) sitting in the same room as Charlie. Jacob returns too from the double east coast, which isn’t as cool as a double rainbow but suffices.

00:06:00 - Jacob tells us about some sweet retro future rockets that can keep you cool on a hot summer’s day. Or while reentering earth’s atmosphere. Whichever.

00:20:34 - Next Ryan attempts to explain a new method for finding planets. Charlie attempts to help. We hope you attempted to learn something from it all. Also some of the inner workings of West Virginia culture are illuminated, because you were dying to know.

00:37:17 - Instead of relying on the Paleopals to help you out why not rely on some Other Guys, which is the title of the movie in this week’s Trailer Trash Talk!

00:46:26 - Jacob yet again takes us back to school teaching us the ins and outs of wind turbines (Hint: Wind goes both in AND out). Charlie and Ryan decide that if America wanted to be Communist, we’d be the best at it. Somehow those previous two sentences are related.

00:59:46 - The PaleoPOW delivers the goods with a little bit of criticism. We’re scientists, we can take a critical beating, just keeps us honest.

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Music for this week’s show:

East Coast Anthem – Good Charlotte

Rocketship – Guster

In Search Of – Miike Snow

Nice Guys Finish Last – Green Day

Four Winds – Bright Eyes

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