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Episode 25: Science Heavyweights

Episode 25: Science Heavyweights

This week we're coming in strong and don't intend to let up with our powerhouse theme: Science Heavyweights

00:00:00 The Paleopals may be crunched for time and resources but the drinking part of the show is important and taken care of. However, for the first time EVER the Paleopals are all drinking the same thing! Tune in to find out what liquid earned the honor.

00:02:51 The titular Science Heavyweight this week is Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. We talk to him about scientific outreach, what makes science exciting, and of course booze. (He's also now on Twitter and hopes he isn't tweeting to much, go reassure him, won't you?)

00:32:21 The Paleopals needs to unwind after all the excitement of Dr. Tyson. They take a few minutes to reflect before moving on to...

00:35:16 Trailer Trash Talk!! It's your favorite, and if not it should be. It's a short on this week, but strong on content... sort of. This week is The Last Airbender.

00:43:06 Ryan represses the giggles as Patrick tries to tell him about bent wood on the international space station. Charlie chimes in (Cause he knows about this space stuff) and finally they design some projects of their own involving reality TV and chimps.

00:54:18 Double-wide PaleoPOW this week to make up for last week's absence. Ryan is on top of it but the other dudes can barely remember a week ago (probably their rampant alcholism or the fact that they have real jobs, wives, lives, ect.) but they manage to pull it together enough to get the job done. Voicemail too, it really is a doozy this week.

This week's show was sponsored by Color Storm! for the iPhone & iTouch.

Also last week's Guest Brian Malow is performing in Santa Cruz with Planet Cruz, check it out!

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